About Aaron Wilson

Armed with a B.S. in Finance, Aaron began his mortgage industry career with a company in the Greater Hartford area. Not only was he able to use his degree, he learned that he has a talent for discerning a borrower's financial capabilities and structuring mortgages. Prior to joining Norcom, Aaron was a paralegal at a law firm, giving him insight into the necessity of understanding a client's needs. From a young age, math has always been his strongest subject. Coupled with his desires to help others, the mortgage industry has always felt like a great fit.

Aaron most appreciates making a positive difference in his borrowers' lives by helping then to achieve the goal of home ownership. His ability to answer any question about the home buying process, especially for first time homebuyers, shows his dedication to educating his clients about the process of buying a home so they know what to expect and secure an affordable home. As a professional with Norcom Mortgage, Aaron listens and understands the needs of his potential borrowers and actively seeks to find the best solution for a mortgage.

Outside of work Aaron spends time with his family and friends. He also focuses on health, fitness, and soccer as a fan of Tottenham Hotspurs FC.

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